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Atténuer Risk offers a tailored approach that ensures each client’s continued success. We understand risk is fluid, not static, which is why we are committed to providing the support needed to adapt risk mitigation strategies to evolving exposures.

Outsourced Risk Management
Our outsourced risk management service allows families, family offices, multi-family offices, and registered investment advisors to transfer risk management responsibility to us. We coordinate with key stakeholders to establish a risk management architecture, implement solutions and make sure they continue to meet client's needs.
Property and Casualty Integration
Our Integration Service establishes (or enhances) a client-aligned property and casualty (P&C) service offering within your firm to manage the liability, lifestyle, and tangible asset side of the balance sheet for your clients. Our disciplined approach allows us to seamlessly integrate a P&C solution into your firm, so this offering works not only for your clients, but also for your business. This service model is designed to evolve with the firm and your clients’ needs over time.
Broker Review and Selection
Our Broker Review and Selection Service takes an in-depth look at the current insurance broker relationship and the current insurance program. We uncover each family’s key requirements for an insurance broker relationship and once we understand what it takes to meet their needs, we manage the broker selection process from request for proposal through selection and policy transition.
Insurance Program Assessment
The Insurance Program Assessment provides clients with a comprehensive overview of their current risk management program. It identifies what is missing, what is, and is not working and provides recommendations on how to fix the issues with the current program. Having a third-party assessment of the program allows clients to use the information to make educated decisions regarding risk transfer and retention strategies that align with their needs today and beyond.
Enterprise and Venture Risk Assessment
Our Enterprise Venture Insurance Assessment provides an evaluation of the current risk management program in place on the joint venture, private equity, and/or direct investment deals you are considering. We identify what is missing, what is and is not working, and provide recommendations on how to fix issues with the current program. Our assessment of the program gives you the information you need to make educated decisions about your increased exposure to loss.
Resiliency Planning and Mitigation
Too often families do not have any plans in place in the event of an emergency, either natural or manmade. We craft custom resiliency plans that are tailored to each family’s unique profile and needs. The plan will include training -- a cornerstone of our engagements -- to ensure all stakeholders, staff, and family members are clear on the plans in place and what their role(s) will be in the event of a disaster.
Family Office Benchmarking
Our Insurance Program Benchmarking provides insights into the annual insurance purchases made by families and family offices. The benchmarking report examines the insurance purchased across both personal and professional risks for the family office. The study outlines coverage, retention, and limits purchased, and more importantly shows how the cost of coverage for your family ranks against fellow families and firms in the study.
Family Member and Staff Education
Risk management education is the foundation for prevention and mitigation of loss. We build and deliver risk management education curriculum for all generations of the family and family office staff.
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