definition of atténuer
to mitigate; to alleviate; to lessen

Why We Exist

Today, there are limited resources for risk management beyond the broker channel. Individuals, families, family offices, multi-family offices, and wealth advisory firms are increasingly looking for a partner to sit on their side of the table to provide guidance and advice beyond insurance policy placements. We are a risk and resiliency consultant and do not sell insurance, and we present our clients with objective and client-aligned solutions.

Our Mission

Deliver indispensable, objective, client-aligned risk and resiliency solutions to ensure our clients, their passions and legacies are safeguarded.

The Atténuer Touch

We believe that preserving clients’ intellectual, social, and financial assets requires a comprehensive and interconnected approach to risk management.
Passion for Results
Why Hire Us?

We are solely focused on serving families of exceptional wealth, single-family offices, multi-family offices, and advisory firms.  Atténuer Risk is an extension of our client’s team, helping them identify the unique risk threads and tying them together to enable clients to achieve their long-term goals and protect their legacy.

  • We serve as our client’s risk manager, sitting on the same side of the table helping them navigate risk mitigation and risk transfer solutions.
  • We help families offices and advisory firms integrate property and casualty into their suite of services.
  • We help families and firms hire the right broker to place their insurance coverage.
  • We review insurance programs to ensure our clients’ needs are met.
  • We work with our clients to create resiliency plans for when an emergency or disaster strikes.
Experience Relevant to You

Having served hundreds of family offices for over 25 years, on the broker, carrier, and consultant sides, the Atténuer Risk Team is attuned to the unique challenges families of exceptional wealth face—and how to give them the peace of mind they deserve.

Kate Norris

Even when assessing all that could go wrong in a given situation, Kate Norris always maintains a sunny disposition. From analyzing cyber security threats to potential floods, she is happiest when finding those ‘I never thought it could happen to me’ scenarios and putting a plan in place to mitigate their consequences. The Principal at Atténuer Risk provides her clients with certainty that their most cherished possessions will be protected.