Outsourced Risk Management
Your Strategic Risk Manager

Our Outsourced Risk Management service allows you to transfer your risk management function to us. We become your risk manager— strategic, tactical,
daily, and ongoing. We coordinate with you and your key stakeholders to establish the risk management architecture, implement solutions, and make sure that they continue to meet your needs.

What You Can Expect

We collaborate to define a custom service arrangement that meets your specific needs. Our risk management services include Risk Management Architecture, Resiliency Planning, Client Education, Day to Day Risk Management, Claims Consulting, and Plan Creation, Implementation, and Oversight.

Risk Management Architecture

We use our disciplined approach and proven process to create a risk management and resiliency framework for both the family members and the family office.

Plan Creation, Implementation & Oversight

Once our tailored plan has been created, our team implements changes and oversee's risk mitigation strategies to ensure ongoing protection of family members and family office.

Resiliency Planning

We develop resiliency plans tailored to your unique profile and needs. Your plan will include training to ensure all stakeholders, staff and family members are clear on the plans in place and what their role will is.

Risk Management Education

Risk management education is the foundation for prevention and mitigation of loss. We build and deliver a family education curriculum for all generations of the family and family office staff.

Day to Day Risk

Whether you are buying or sellimg homes or cars, building and transporting your art collection, or chartering a plan, we will be your resource to ensuring your legacy is protected.

Claims Consulting

We work with you and your broker(s) to help you resolve claims. We support the claims process to keep you informed and provide guidance to ensure your getting the correct coverage.
Outsourced Risk Management

Get your hands on our approach to our Outsourced Risk Management services:

  • Risk Management Architecture
  • Plan Creation, Implementation, and Oversight
  • Resiliency Planning
  • Client Education
  • Day to Day Risk Management
  • Claims Consulting